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Harnessing the traffic is powerful – You will have a strong traffic source by searching for the # most searched tag on Instagram
Visit the Factory Memes – Create compelling images with the integrated image designer.
List building – It is software that automatically builds a customer list when someone comments on your post. It helps you capture potential customers anytime and anywhere.
Easy editor – It allows you to edit an existing image or you can create a new image and a hash-tag as you like.
Link Cloaker – It allows you to post affiliate products inside social media posts.
  • Promo Video Secrets
    Promo Video Secrets
    If your promotional videos are not created in high quality, you can kiss your product conversions goodbye. You see...promo videos are similar to your sales letter, but a lot shorter. The advantage is you can often press emotional hot buttons quicker and appeal to audio/visual people. In this video, you will learn the different types of promotional videos that are used. Yes, there are many different types, and some are good for branding, while others are good for selling. You will also learn what software may be good for you to use, to create basic promotional videos. Within this package you will find the following modules: Video Training Sales Letter Promo Email Covers
    Value: $29
  • Affiliate List Builder
    Affiliate List Builder
    Here's How You Can Easily Build Your Own List Through Your Affiliate Links - All On Autopilot. If you're interested in building your own mailing list, you're going to love this software. To see what it does, I'd like to ask you to pick a website and enter its web address into the box below - then click the button. You can choose any website - your own site, or any other site you want. Don't worry, there are no tricks. All that will happen is that a new browser window will open showing your chosen website - but with one big difference... My opt-in signup form will appear right over the top of the website. Within this package you will find the following modules: Software Sales Letter Covers
    Value: $37
  • Black Hat SEO For Beginners
    Black Hat SEO For Beginners
    It is time for online business owners to start following their own rules and tilt the game back to our advantage, and it can easily be done by implementing a handful of black hat techniques and search engines optimization secrets that Google and the likes do not want you to know about. Not because these methods are unethical or illegal, but because they are so powerful they could easily give them the death blow they deserve for cheating on millions of honest webmasters over the years.
    Value: $49
  • WP Social Pop-Ups Plugin
    WP Social Pop-Ups Plugin
    Having a social share button on your blog or site is ideal and one of the best ways to get viral traffic back to site. But what if you can create a social popup that demands your visitor's attention and forces them to take action? Now you can with this new WordPress plugin that allows your people to conveniently follow, like or subscribe to your social media page to keep informed about updates and new releases.
    Value: $49
  • Internet Marketing Methods
    Internet Marketing Methods
    If you're struggling to make money online and you're ready for a workable system that's proven to get results, then pay close attention to this. Full Time Internet Marketer Reveals The Real Life Case Study Of How He Made $2,000 & Added 400 Subscribers To His List... In Less Than 7 Days. You Are About To Discover The $2k Case Study That Shows You A Real Life Example Of How It Was Done, The Traffic That Was Used, and How You Can Duplicate The System To Earn High Ticket Commissions Without Creating Your Own Products.
    Value: $59
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  • RickNguyen
    This product brings a new traffic source to my business. Now I can leverage Instagram traffic to make money online. This is great deal for everyone.
  • Glenn
    AffiliateHero changed the way i use Instagram everyday. Instagram traffic is crazy. Thanks for bringing it to the market.

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